Weight Loss Update!
I hate showing everyone the pic on the left but it was my reality πŸ˜” Since getting off the depo shot πŸ’‰ for birth control I mentally feel me again ☺️ I no longer struggle to work out and have motivation. Working out has come back into my life, in full effect and has become my regular routine. I hate when I fall out of my routine. Once I'm there's it's all bueno but when I fall off it's SO hard to get back into the swing of things. Thank you for all your support and uplifting messages/comments these last few months. It's really helped me. Positive vibes everyone even to those who were happy I got fat and gossiped about it. Yeah, I heard πŸ™„ Whatevs. Losing weight is a lot of work but is easy once I'm on a roll your negative Nancy tudes are something YOU have to live with. 😲 How draining. Anywho, so yeah...big thanks to my haters.