A Weighty Matter

It has been drawn to my attention that perhaps, just perhaps, there are quite a lot of fat jokes in our show - specifically, mainly aimed at Cadwallader.  Now I feel that before we begin I should probably set the record straight.  

  1. The vast majority of these insults are written by me
  2. I am probably the most overweight member of the cast (certainly by height)
  3. I voice Cadwallader
  4. Cadwallader is supremely self-confident in his body image, and simply shrugs off such insults.

Ergo, I can assure you that neither during recording nor in the reality of the show does anyone suffer from these barbs.  Neither is this a case of me being a “self-hating fat person”.  I think honestly I just enjoy self-deprecating humour, and while I certainly have been bullied and made to feel miserable about weight when I was younger, to me this is more about showing that these words can’t really hurt me any more.  Horrible as he is, Cadwallader’s more the person I would have wished I was back then - no fucks given!

But, I can see the argument that the dear listener isn’t to know my inner thoughts on the subject, and could easily construe it as us merely punching downwards.  To those so offended I say, keep a close eye (ear) on Season 3 as it unfolds - matters behind Cadwallader’s weight may not be all that they seem...

Chris Edwards

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