Weird Luck: A Brief Introduction
Here are a few things you should know about that will help you make at least a little bit of sense out of what’s going on here...

The Scope of the Weird Luck Saga

The Weird Luck saga is epic, complex, and unfolding in multiple media. It includes the Weird Luck webcomic, a growing body of short stories and novels (the City of the Watcher trilogy and Wallflower Assassin, with more to come), and the epistolary novels which will initially be published in serial form on the Weird Luck Patreon account. All of these various works are intricately interrelated. 

Multiple Realities

In the Weird Luck saga, there are a great many alternate realities or parallel universes, all different from one another in various ways and to various degrees. The Weird Luck saga mostly concerns the adventures of people who travel between these different realities (commonly referred to as “interdimensional” travel).  This sort of travel is accomplished by various means (technology, magic, innate talent, bizarre accident). Sometimes such travel is intentional and sometimes it isn’t. 


If you exist in one universe, it’s likely that there are other versions of you in some other universes. These alternate versions of you are referred to as your cognates. The term is used as both a noun and an adjective: you can say, “She’s my cognate from Reality Z-182,” or you can say, “She and I are cognate.” If you travel interdimensionally, you might run into one or more of your cognates.

It’s not just people who have cognates – any place or thing that exists in one reality can have cognate versions in other realities. One can speak of alternate versions of the planet Earth as being cognate, or alternate versions of any given planet, city, building, mountain, tree, or other location or object. In fact, the very rare person, place, or object that is unique in the multiverse and has no cognates anywhere is likely to possess some form of exceptional power just by virtue of that uniqueness. Note, however, that it’s not uncommon for cognate versions of a person, place, or thing to be quite different from one another.

Interdimensional Malfeasance and Catastrophe

With the possibility of contact and travel between alternate realities comes the potential for all sorts of interesting problems. Interdimensional smuggling, theft, piracy, invasion, and warfare. People and things – ships, buildings, eldritch monsters, even whole cities or planets – being sucked out of one universe and into another through technological or magical mishaps. Boundaries between realities becoming compromised or breaking down catastrophically. Sooner or later, any sort of interdimensional malfeasance or disaster that can possibly happen is going to happen in some reality, somewhere.

The Reality Patrol 

With so much potential for malfeasance and catastrophe, it was inevitable that some group of people with access to interdimensional travel technology would take it upon themselves to attempt to police interdimensional activity. This eventually led to the formation of the Reality Patrol. With access to the resources of many different universes, the Reality Patrol has grown into a vast interdimensional organization that acts as a combination of military force, policing agency, and intelligence agency. 

While many would agree that having the protection of the Reality Patrol is a substantial improvement over being preyed upon by interdimensional pirates or having one’s planet eaten by eldritch monstrosities, the existence of an enormous, self-appointed, militarized police force with the power to travel between universes, and with no accountability to the public it purports to protect, presents problems of its own. The Reality Patrol overall is not nearly as benign as it portrays itself, despite the horrors it sometimes prevents or the good intentions of many of its agents. 

Some of the stories in the Weird Luck saga – including the Weird Luck webcomic – focus on the adventures of the Reality Patrol’s more heroic agents, while in other Weird Luck stories the Reality Patrol and its agents appear as sinister antagonists.

Weird Luck

Within the Weird Luck saga, Weird Luck is the common colloquial term for a condition that the Reality Patrol officially refers to as Chronic Synchronicity Syndrome (or Extreme Chronic Synchronicity Syndrome, in its more intense manifestations). If you have Weird Luck, it means that synchronicities, improbable coincidences, and weird events constantly occur in your life, at a frequency that defies all statistical likelihood or mundane explanation. 

Having Weird Luck increases your chances of someday encountering one or more of your own cognates – especially since one of the weird things about Weird Luck is that if you have it, all of your cognates also have it.

Obviously, it’s the people with Weird Luck who have the highest probability of becoming interdimensional travelers – often unintentionally – or of being involved in the sort of incidents that the Reality Patrol investigates or tries to prevent (there’s considerable debate and inconclusive Reality Patrol research as to whether the presence of people with Weird Luck actually causes such incidents, or whether Weird Luck merely brings people to the places where such incidents were going to happen anyway). Having Weird Luck greatly increases one’s chances of running afoul of the Reality Patrol, although occasionally Weird Luck can also lead a person to a career as a Reality Patrol agent. 

As you may have guessed, the stories that make up the Weird Luck saga tend to focus on protagonists who have Weird Luck.