Weird Times & Fun times!
It's been a wacky, crazy month (or, rather, 3 months) over here in Lundukeland, my peeps!  That wackiness has put me behind my personal schedule on a few things... but I've got some fun stuff happening I wanted to make sure all of you are in the loop on.

First: On December 15th I will be recording a video with Richard Stallman (yes, *that* Richard Stallman) talking about the need (or not) to make compromise in Free Software ideals.  I've also tapped a few of my most intelligent and entertaining friends to take part in this event -- which will be posted as a downloadable video in multiple formats.  No YouTube version for this one (at the request of RMS).  Only DRM free downloads for the masses.

Second: "Linux Sucks: The Book" is finally (after multiple delays) shaping up for a proper debut before the end of the month!  I'm not going to say the specific day -- as that seems to be a sure-fire way to curse this book... but I'll just say "this month" in the hopes of avoiding the curse.

Third: If you aren't yet planning on being at the Southern California Linux Expo (aka "SCALE") in Pasadena California at the end of January... you should think about it.  Hard.  "Linux Sucks" will be there (in a big way).  And a live version of a podcast I do called "Bad Voltage" (with Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge and Jeremy Garcia) will also be rocking the conference.  Both take place in the evenings in rooms that should fit nearly a thousand people.  If you can't make it (some people don't live in Pasadena, it turns out) I will be making the videos available to you guys as soon as possible after the event.  (And "Linux Sucks"... well that one is going out to the masses in a big way.)

Fourth: New videos are on the way... but not with the puppet for a few weeks.  I managed to hurt my hand a little bit -- nothing serious, but it makes doing the puppet thing a bit painful while my hand gets all the way better.  So you'll have to put up with my ugly mug for a while.  :)

That's all for now!  And thanks again for your support!