a weird week...
it's been a weird week. So, something odd happened and my tablet hasn't been working for the past week. It keeps doing this stupid thing where I just hover over it and it grabs the surface and drags selection boxes. I know that explanation was maybe a little weird, so I recorded a quick video of my frustration this past week. I haven't felt so disconnected from my work in a long while. is that sad? well, it's crazy right? just a tragic mess of invisible computer ghosts. SO MANY GHOSTS! I've done a bunch of stuff from re-installing the drivers for the tablet, to removing other programs that might be creating some sort of conflict with it. but nothing. in the end it seems it's the stylus and not the tablet, so I have to replace it. while I'm waiting for payday so I can buy a new stylus, this whole deal has made it nearly impossible to work on comics or anything really. I say nearly, because I still have a hand and paper. so, I figure there's no way I'm going to let weeks go by without drawing and telling stories. I can still make comics by hand, like I used to. I just can't color them. what I plan on doing is telling a few extra Goblyn stories that I had written and thumbnailed but sat to the side because I couldn't figure out where to put them. They were mostly created during the period when I could do monthly comics so the page count is higher. BUT... with them being in black and white, I can crank out a toooooon of pages. seriously! I know in the past I've said that I couldn't imagine Goblyn without color or tha I didn't think it could work without color, but honestly a story is a story and the art is the art. it works in my eyes. Myth of Eustro I wouldn't want to do this way because the story that I'm leading to is ABOUT color. haha these Goblyn side stories I'm going to do over the next few weeks I hope will be as entertaining to you all as they are to me. I love them as much as the main story and I've actually been having a lot of fun drawing them. I honestly forgot that I don't really do shading in Goblyn, at least not hard shading with heavy blacks or anything. it's pretty rare because I was deliberately going for a certain look but with this I want and need to shade. I feel like I'm rambling... so, Pat Ataqs won't happen for a little while but the comics will keep coming and you guys will get to read them first. I'll post the links here, because y'all are really making it possible that I can even keep making comics. aaaaand since none of it is colored, I can get the pages finished and lettered pretty fast. which means you can expect the first side Chapter to pop up pretty soon. like... if not today, at least by thursday morning. and previews galore! whatever I can take a picture of. okay... LET'S MAKE SOME COMICS! yay! also, sorry about the text wall. i just didn't feel like talking. :c
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