The weirdest Thunderclap heard around the world!
Hello my weirdest patrons, So here is all the latest... Last week I finally finished my Patreon video, explaining to folks what I do and why I do it. I have been promoting the heck out of it ever sense. I've been doing everything I can think of, so far, from running a few ad campaigns to direct messaging. I got a few more tricks up my sleeve and a few more angles I am working...but I am determined to succeed with this Patreon. Art is what I do best, and I truly want to do some great things with you all! That being said, after I launched the Patreon video, I decided to launch a Thunderclap! Which I believe is an underused tool on the Internet with a huge amount of untapped potential. Basically with the Thunderclap, the objective is to get as many of your friends and fans to "opt in" to your clap in order to help you raise the volume of your thunder. When people opt in, they allow a message I crafted to promote this Patreon campaign to be posted on their social media, for all of their followers to see. I have never tried to use a Thunderclap before, I thought it would be damn near impossible to convince 100 people to opt in to my campaign. Holy crapper on a pogo stick, did you amazing people prove me wrong! Within 4 days of launching the thunderclap campaign we surpassed the shit out of my launch goal of 100. We now currently have 123% success rate with a social reach of 1,789,982!!!!!! That is simply mind blowing! I've not been able to achieve more then 150,000 impressions with any type of promotional ad ever! With your help, I would love to reach 2 million in social media reach before we launch on May 4th! Please share this link with everyone and anyone you know: Let's keep it weird! After the launch of my clap, I will work up a detailed report with all the analytics & breakdowns with all the impressions, click through and conversions the campaign as resulted in. If any of you are interested in that sort of thing. It will be a patron only post. With all my love, Brian