Weirwood Compendium 2: A Burning Brandon
Hey everyone! Greetings and I come bearing gifts! It's a new episode, all about Bran Stark, and it couldn't have happened without your support. :)  Here's the caption for the episode:

In Part 2 of the Weirwood Compendium, we will finally be ripping into the symbolism of one of the main characters in the story, Brandon Stark. As the primary recipient of the fire of the gods in ASOIAF, Bran finds himself right at the center of the tangled web of mythology that encompasses both greenseers and Lightbringer. In this episode, we will be visiting several towers of note which Bran is tied to, and we will try not to get struck by lightning as we climb up to the heavens with the bad little boy who was struck down by lighting. We'll also get a healthy dose of Samwell Tarly, as well as the Nightfort and the Night's King, and be on the lookout for a mysterious one-eyed stranger in a hooded cloak. The matching text to the podcast can be found at ‎
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