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Weiss, No

A/N:A goofy lil Pollination thing, written by commission.

Weiss Schnee had a bit of a problem.

Though, to be fair, it was the opposite of what most people would call a problem.

She had a bad habit of… overgifting.

Ever since she’d inherited the vast majority of Father’s funds after his death and realized just how much money he’d actually had, she’d lost what she’d described as “pedestrian thriftiness” and what Yang had called “Overspending, but not too much” in favor of… well, spending her money whatever way she’d pleased.

And, considering she didn’t exactly have much need for material possessions, well…

It tended to manifest itself in the gifts she bought for her girlfriends.


The first time any of them learned that she was an overgifter, it was too late.

It was Ruby’s first birthday after she came into her inheritance, and Weiss had wanted to get her something she’d never forget, something she’d make use of as often as she could, so…

Yang blinked down at the papers she’d swiped from Ruby when the latter had squealed and hugged Weiss.

Blake stood behind her, trying to read over her shoulder.

Unfortunately, Yang had about ninety pounds of hair that blocked her vision.

There was a long, quiet moment, and then Yang spoke.

“You…” She said, sounding for all the world as though she’d just woken from a long dream. “You bought her a bakery?!”

Weiss shook her head. “No, I bought her a non-controlling majority in the bakery, with the caveat that she be allowed free goods when she comes in. It’s on the way to her gym, so-“

“She bought her a bakery.” Yang deadpanned, putting her face in her hands.

“She bought me a bakery!” Ruby squealed again, hugging Blake this time, who just shot Weiss an amused grin.

“You know, you got me a book for my birthday… not the library.”

“Would you want one?” Weiss asked, tilting her head a bit. “I mean, I could get you a bookstore, not a library, but it’d be similar.”

Blake blinked for a moment, before shaking her head.

“Weiss, no.”

Weiss’ brows furrowed, and she crossed her arms. “And just what would be wrong with that? I’ve finally got the means to buy you all whatever you’d want, and I’ll make good use of it.”

“She got me a bakery!” Ruby said again, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “I can get free stuff on my way to the gym!”

Yang ruffled her hair, and turned to Weiss, grinning.

“Look, hon, we really appreciate it, yeah? But like…” She chewed her lip for a long moment as she tried to find the words, but just shrugged helplessly. “It’s just too much, you know?”

Weiss shook her head. “No, I don’t. You all deserve the things I get for you.”

Yang shook her head as well, a bit fiercer, nearly knocking Blake over with her hair.

“I’m not saying we don’t! I’m just saying that, like…” She abruptly turned away, (Blake had to jump over her hair) and let out a long, angry groan. “Blake, explain things to her!”

“Weiss, honey…” Blake said, in an absurdly high and saccharine voice, before shifting lower when both Weiss and Yang tossed her a glare. She rolled her eyes. “Fine. Look, Weiss, what Yang’s saying is, buying things like this makes us, er, her, uncomfortable, because she can’t exactly get you something like that in return.”

Weiss blinked at the back of Yang’s head, tilting her own head slightly. “Yang, is this true?”

Powerful shoulders moved up for a moment… and then dropped down as Yang gave a long sigh. “I guess? I don’t know.”

Weiss’ arms wrap around her waist, the tension leaving their bodies as they do, and she rests her head between Yang’s shoulder blades. (Through about a billion pounds of hair)

“Yang.” She murmurs, too quiet for even Blake to hear. “You know I hate cheesy romantic stuff, but… you, Ruby, and Blake are the reason I’m happy. And if I can even begin to repay that with bakeries, or bookstores, or anything, I’ll gladly spend every lien I have.”

Yang tensed, then, and sighed again. “This is what I mean, Weiss. You…” She just shook her head. “You matter to us, too, you know? You don’t owe us anything, and each of us loves you, just as much as we love each other. So… you know, buying stuff like this for reasons like that makes me feel like I don’t say it often enough, or that I just don’t show you how much I love you.”

“I…” Weiss closed her mouth and opened it again, ignoring the stinging in her eyes. “No, I know, I just--”

And then the words were driven out of her, along with her breath, by a speeding little red bi- blur, as she collide with her back and wrapped them both in a hug.

She notes, vaguely, that she can feel Blake’s hands on her as well, and makes the smart assumption that Blake is hugging them as well, from Yang’s side.

Of course, she was the one who took the full-force hug, while Yang got the soft, gentle one.

She grumbles internally for a long moment, and just hugs Yang a bit tighter.

“I love you both.” Ruby says, a bit too loud, but what else is new. “I mean, I love Yang really differently than you and Blake, but, yknow, I love you all anyway. And, uhm…”

“Equally.” Blake finishes, and Weiss feels a hand gently squeeze her shoulder. “We love you all equally, and there’s no need to show us love by buying extravagant gifts, or anything else, because…”

There was a long silence, then the distinct sound of an elbow being driven into someone’s stomach, and a soft ‘oof’

“Because…” Yang said, sounding slightly out of breath. “We already know? We love her just the same, her love is way more valuable than anything she gets us?”

“Such a romantic.” Weiss deadpans… but with a smile on her face.”

She really did love these dorks, more than anything.

That being said, she was absolutely buying Yang a personal gym for her birthday.