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(Madison speaking) It has been a LONG journey since I first started YouTube a few years ago. Before YouTube I did not believe in following your dreams. I did not believe it was possible...NOT ANY MORE. 

YouTube has allowed me so follow my number one dream...becoming a stay at home mom. I am able to make my family my biggest priority thanks to YouTube! 

However, making money on YouTube is NOT easy. My biggest fear is that I would have to quit YouTube someday and work outside of the home away from my kids. That would BREAK my heart.

Anyway, thank you so much for supporting my dreams. For supporting my family's dreams. Please feel free to leave a comment below about any types of new "perks" you would like to see here on our patreon and any types of discussions you would like to have right here! 

I want to share with you guys and create our own special little tribe here on Patreon. Please help me make this the best experience it can be for YOU!

Thanks again,

Madison (and family)