To you, the casual passer-by who wants to check out what my page is offering.

To you, the long-time supporter who's been waiting for me to get onto this Patreon thing for ages.

To you, the person who is wanting to up-skill and learn some Blender basics for their own projects, be them illustration, animation or even games.

You've read the intro page, and now you'd like a few more details about why you should give me money.

I want you think about what you're investing in. Are you content with just throwing me a few bucks so I can justify drawing some comics that have made you laugh? Perfectly OK! I humbly thank you for thinking me worthy of this. It is no small contribution, and every dollar is valued.

Or are you also a creative? Do you wish to invest in the development of your own skills to further your work and make something amazing? Sure, you can dabble here and there, and you might get that one drawing out that goes viral on Reddit... or you might want to take some time and really value what you do. Improve on it, and become somebody who is in it for a longer career.

I've tried to tailor my initial rewards to suit everyone from the superfan to the avid learner. So here's what you get for the monthly contributions on offer: 

Tier 1: Tip Jar $1

This is basically a chance for you to support my work. You're probably not interested in a bunch of tutorials, or 3D models and stuff. you will have access to the public blog which will inform you of up-coming projects and additions to this page.

Tier 2: Skill Seeker $3

This gives you access to one basic tutorial each month complete with a working file for you to look at. I assume no prior knowledge of Blender, or 3D software for that matter. I will take you right from the start through to more advanced concepts such as creating shaders and compositing. 

Upon sign up, you will get access to the bonus Introduction to Blender tutorial to start you off, as well as the Introduction to Polygonal Modelling tutorial complete with working file.

Tier 3: Asset Librarian $5

You need to know your way around blender in order to use these set pieces, which is why I've made it the next tier along. I'm guessing you're proficient enough to know how to grab, duplicate and move assets to different layers, and maybe even render out an image.

Just for signing up, you get to download the starter pack, which is protected under a CC-BY license. This includes

  • 2x tessellated floor tiles
  • 1x floor tile set with centre, edge, corner and threshhold pieces
  • 1x three-step piece
  • 1x wall (1 unit)
  • 1x wall (2 unit)
  • 1x window
  • 1x doorway
  • 1x hallway divider
  • 1x hallway cap
  • 2x full columns
  • 2x half columns
  • 1x plain vaulted ceiling half
  • 1x plain vaulted ceiling corner
  • 1x ornate vaulted ceiling half
  • 1x ornate vaulted ceiling corner

This starter pack should allow you to craft basic sets ideal for a fantasy castle interior, dungeon, or medieval building (just watch the accompanying video for inspiration). The file also has a basic toon shader applied to all assets, and comes with a compositing node tree set up that will render a basic illustration render.

Each month, an additional pack will be released to complement this set. It will contain 4x new set pieces such as extra ceilings, curved walls, steps, ruined objects, etc these can be appended (imported) into your starter pack file, or just kept as an asset library file.

Tiers beyond:

I'm eager to release more, and do more, but that's really up to the demand. I'm always eager to get feedback from you all and see what you'd like to gain in future, and there are some plans for expansions already, such as:

  • A second strand of more advanced tutorials which will be project-based.
  • A second and even a third modular set theme that will be expanded upon alongside the first. I am currently thinking a sci-fi theme, and an urban theme.

It goes without saying these will be available at higher tier costs, but I strive to keep it affordable for the creative who is looking to get serious enough about their art that it's more than just a hobby.

So welcome everyone. I look forward to sharing some knowledge and helping you improve your own projects in my own small way.


Paul Caggegi