Thank you for visiting my Patreon page! Here, I will be sharing photos and videos of my performances, such as the one above from Reigning Down on Oregon in 2016.  I am also working on creating a series of instructional videos for VIP members, so stay tuned for lots more content soon! :)
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  • Access to patron-only content, which will include newest performances, draft videos of new pieces and improv work, as well as any musical videos that I may create.
  • Patron-only polls that help me create more content based on your interests
  • My appreciation for your support! 
Exclusive Video Access!
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  • In addition to the $1 status rewards, you will have access to videos that I will be making exclusively for Patreon! These will include instructional videos based on dance theory, technique, composition, musicality, performance and Middle Eastern music.    
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  • In addition to all previous rewards, I will put your name in the credits of every video to show my appreciation for your support!
Let's Chat!
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  • Along with all the previous rewards (exclusive video access, name in credits), I will host a live chat monthly for all who have this reward.  Here you can ask me any questions related to bellydance and Middle Eastern music. 
Private lesson!
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  • In addition to all previous rewards (exclusive video access, name in credits, live chat), you will get a 1 hour Skype session with me to use for private/small group sessions or coaching
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