Hi guys, and thank you so much for checking out my (at the time of this writing) fledgling Patreon page! I hope we have a fun time!

I said it on Otherknown's website, but I want to say it again: I want to give a huge thank you to a few friends for giving me their time and feedback at different stages during this process:  Ayme, Der-shing, Orlando, Heather, Peter, and Chiggy. The critique was invaluable (and for those who just had a few nice words to say, it helped)! I imagine I'll be learning a lot about what content people on here like the most, so adjustments will no doubt be made down the line. 

For now, every day this week (less frequent after this week, I swear— I'm not gonna run you down with emails!), I'm gonna hitcha with a new patreon post showing the kinds of things that are gonna be typical of this page for a while - concept posts, lore posts, a side-by-side of a redraw vs an old page, and some fun bonus stuff that I can't quite categorize. I guess I could have dumped it here all at once, but this way is more fun! *crickets*

If you're reading this on the 31st, an early access page is posting TONIGHT!

Again, thanks for stopping by! Now let's get down to the CONTENT