I thought I’d take a chance to write a free post that introduces myself and why people should become patrons.  I have wanted to be a police officer since I was ten years old.  It was the first time we learned of DEA Enrique Camarena, the federal agent whose murder was the inspiration for Red Ribbon Week.  Each year elementary and middle school students have a week where they learn about why saying no to drugs is so important.  His sacrifice inspired me.  I wanted to know more.  My first research project in fifth grade, somewhat frightened my teacher.  I researched Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower Sniper.  Little did that teacher know that almost thirty years later that Whitman would make an appearance in my first full length non-fiction, North Mississippi Murder and Mayhem.  The book is scheduled for a June release from The History Press.

Unfortunately, I cannot meet the physical requirements to be a patrol officer.  At the suggestion of my friend Deputy Taylor Segura, I decided to seek alternative ways to work in law enforcement.  Since profiling would require being able to meet the requirements of an FBI agent, (including a career as a LEO) I had to look at the sister program.  Criminology is the study of crimes and why they occur rather than dealing with the victim or the criminal.  

Since it would take a lot of research and writing, I first attended Tiffin University for a Master’s in English.  A lot of the curriculum allowed me to fine tune my academic writing.  So much so that it aided me in crafting pieces on crimes that regularly makes its way into Serial Killer Magazine.  Some of these pieces I believe helped make my dream come true.  I have just been accepted to Loyola New Orleans’ graduate program in Criminology.  This has always been my first choice graduate school.  However, my interactions with the sociopaths and everyday run of the mill toxic people made me put applying off until now.

These interactions have been on a personal level.  This is why my first few posts have been studies in dealing with people with this disorder. My goal is to educate people and be warned that Narcissistic Sociopaths do exist.  However, please note that these are written from a research point of view.  I am not a licensed therapist, but luckily my best friend is.  If I have a question she is able to direct me to educational material that helps when writing my posts.

This is my story.  This is my dream.  So I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to stop by and at least check my page out.