Good day and welcome to $tyle on a Budget. My name is Richard Hajdu and this is my new page. I believe deep down most people are concerned about their looks and attire and want to improve how they dress ultimately improving how they feel about themselves; so what do you do? you start looking at what's trending and pmaybe even window shop only to find extravagant prices and end up resorting to Walmart ( not that there is anything wrong with this if you know what you are shopping for and how to make it work). This is where I come in. Like most I was originally turned off by the prices of clothing and accessories in these stores until I learned a few tips and tricks from other style and fashion you tubers such as Alpha M Image Consulting and Teaching Men's Fashion. So hop aboard and let me help you dress better for less. I am in no way affiliated with any stores or products I show on my channel, nor do I receive any reimbursement from these companies, instead I try to find popular name brands like American Eagle, Gap and Old Navy at prices I can afford and focus on clothing I can make dressy or casual, after all the biggest tip I can provide is go with something that is able to be dressed up and dressed down. I look forward to helping you. Please subscribe and follow me on YouTube and don't forget to hit that bell so you never miss the chance to save some money.