Welcome 2017!
Hey everybunny!

Welcome back to patreon! I know i havent been posting or pushing or reminding people this exists, and i feel awful about not posting here at all! Ive been on and off working on videos and cosplay toward the end of 2016, it was a very hard year for me... I have made a blog post about what the problems i was having as well (i also plan on starting reposting there as well tonight or tomorrow im sorting alot of youtube videos out at them minute haha) --> http://whitewolfem.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/im-sorry-october-2016-update.html
The start of this year has also found me a little bit sick! I'm almost over it now so im ready to really throw myself back into everything!

Ive started working on a cosplay for netherminded 2017 this feb! If youd like tickets its in new castle and heres the link - http://www.nethermined.com/tickets-2/ and im also running a competition on twitter for this event! The prize is a full sized print of the cosplay ill be wearing heres the link --> https://twitter.com/WhiteWolfEm/status/819069805768667136
So look forward to update posts about that! Ill also be recording an exclusive patreon cosplay video and then a small selection of clips from that video will be posted about a week after its been posted here for you guys :)

Im also hoping to start posting videos from my youtube channel on here with patreon users accessing the bloopers videos a week before general release! The gaming channel has also just hit 1500 subs and i will be posting a video on that but patreons will be included in that automatically so dont worry! Just make sure to be active :)

I think thats everything i wanted to share Happy New Year everyone and i hope you all had a fabulous christmas!