Aug 5, 2019

Our welcome post! We have a lot planned here as we set the foundations for our Gythia Ordination Program in Spring 2020.  We will continue to have yearly scholarly conferences, and in person retreats, moots and camps. Some of our wished for projects are on hold for a bit ( publishing etc) but others are full steam ahead. This is all done on a volunteer basis. We want to move to a place where several things are accomplished. First, to be self sustaining.. for that to happen some of the teachers in the Gythia program need support. We are helping with that by offering tiered access to some of their lectures in preparation for the full program. There will be opportunities for more spiritual instruction as well. Secondly, we are using the money from the conferences to go towards scholarships for those wishing to go deeper into academic and/ spiritual work. We are asking for things in return like a presentation.. it all comes back full circle. We are keeping this transparent, supportive and sustainable. We are here to lift each other up. More on the program will be posted soon. 

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