So you found your way to this patreon page of a writer you've never heard of and while that map is kind of pretty, you're wondering what this is all about.

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. I am L.C. Duesterhoeft, and I am a writer. So far, all my stories have lived mainly in my head, and in ever-evolving notes over the years, but now I am working toward bringing them to the rest of the world. I have always loved writing, and have been doing it since I was in middle school many many moons ago, but only within the past five or so years has my writing become closer to what I would be proud to see in published print. I want to do my worlds and characters justice.

I am always growing as a writer, always working on my process, learning how to better polish finished works and how to push through the dry spells in unfinished projects. I like expanding the things I include in my writing, expanding the subgenres that I write in, being more inclusive in the types of characters I have in my stories. I do tend to hang around mostly in the fantasy realm, but adding different and new elements to different stories, devising new magic systems and lore and histories for each world and culture to make each unique from the others and a new place to play around in.

Currently, I have quite a few ongoing projects, but these are the biggest ones that are furthest along in planning, worldbuilding, or narrative--or all three. I referred to them here by nicknames or monikers in lieu of titles, all of which are not set in stone and subject to change:

•Miomir -- epic medieval fantasy setting, my oldest and biggest project. Currently has several plotlines for several novels.

•Embrosi -- gunpowder fantasy setting, mixed with hints of industrialism and eldritchery. Currently has three plotlines for as many novels.

•the Fic That Outgrew Itself -- a desert setting with fantasy elements. Projected to be one novel.

The secondary novel projects have been started on the planning and worldbuilding stages, but aren't as far along as the others:

•the Fairy Tale-esque Story: threads of a new subgenre, solarpunk, in a fantasy setting. Projected to be novella length.

•LTYW: threads of gaslamp fantasy. Projected to be one novel.

I also am working on short stories:

•Undertow -- set in the Embrosi world, and is close to publishable quality.

•Wolf's Eye -- a standalone project. This is planned to be a series of short stories connected to one another via the main character and a heavy emphasis on its lore.

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