Hey, all. This is Day 1 of this pledge drive, so I just wanted to chime in with a "HELLO!" and offer you a glimpse into the music I'm trying to promote. Attached here is "It's All 'Cause of You," my first single from my new album GYPSY SOUL. The song was inspired mainly by one of my idols, Beth Hart, who I've loved and followed throughout the years. My band (Frank Lazarus on guitar; Gary Nieves on bass; Dave Volano on drums) really got a great take on the track, and it pushed me to sing it with everything I had. The backing vocals were my ode to En Vogue and those great rock/hip hop mashups on the 90's that I love so much! I really hope you enjoy, and I promise to post here every few days to offer more goodies for you all! :)

Until then,