Thank you for checking out my page! I'm a painter in the Nashville area practicing the traditional methods of the old masters. Currently, I'm exploring still life and landscape possibilities. I am enthralled at the movement and contrast of light and shadow throughout a composition. This interest lends itself to express ideas of the East, the mythical, and the superstitious.

I count among my painting influences the works of Delacroix, Rembrandt, Henri and the Ashcan School, and the Hudson River School painters. Outside of painting, I've gathered a vocabulary from ceramics, chiefly the works of Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach, and Ron Meyers, among others. All of these point to an approach of focusing attention to light, shape, pattern, and color as they develop in the current work. It's a formidable battle sometimes, but there's a logic in it, a grammar, as in all languages.

I invite any questions and comments regarding my work. I'm curious to know what you think.

See my rewards structure to the right, and accept my thanks in advance for your generous contribution to my success.

Thank you!