Welcome everypony!
I redesigned this Patreon page which I opened somehow for teh lulz a pair of years ago, but now I think I have found something for which re-opening it.

I've been a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since season 1, and nearly every chapter gives me some ideas, and it hasn't been since recently that I've thought I would be able to make the come to life.  I have some ideas regarding this, which can be summed up in three sections:

- Seasonal Ponies: Which would be a series of images that I would work through each season of the year, and would include mainly the Mane 6. I would also ask for the opinion of my patrons in which other ponies should be drawn as "Seasonal Ponies".

- My Little Crossover: Which would be a series of images of the Mane 6 (not necessarily all of them, but at least one should appear) merging with another series (TV series, video game, book...). If there's some success in that I would ask for my patrons if they'd like another pony in that crossover.

- My Little Throwback: In which I would start watching from season 1, ep 1 the series, and try to come up for a pic for each chapter, for example a scene, a character or something that catches my attention.

These are my main ideas, but of course I'd like my patrons to create a community and suggest more awesome ideas.