Hello Everyone im Here on Patreon To share my art with you all and To

Continue Making Art work For the rest of you! Im James West AKA


im new Here and Come to make a Name for My self and hope

to gain a Fan base and provide Art to all ^_^and as i Grow on here my

Art will Expand with New Ideas and new Art Skills To provide to


you ll My Best Art made for all of you one by one aside my Normal Art

work ill be posting here for all of you to See The Rewards Will Grant

you options to Gain Free Art From me from Supporting me so yeah and its

all up to you

Also its all Monthly charges only cause i thought it

would help save u all Money that way and its cheap to make it all

Affordable to all of you ^_^

So you all Wana know what my Art is Wellll let me explain my art has been Called


Metal, Awesome, Tribal, CD Covers, Sharp, Many many things but i Call

It Atomic Art/Logo ART so yeah just my own way of making it my own

personality into it so that and i was never able to Label My art so lol

hope to have all of your support if you can ^_^

Here is Examples of my Art work in this Link


i Also Do Single Commissions on my Deviantart Page



can Always Check my art there as well and prices there to but i think

its cheaper here the way i have set it up but again all your choice


just another Artist wanting to Make art because i enjoy doing it and i

was requested to check this place out and Share my art and sell my art

here i hope you all enjoy my art and i can make some for you! ^_^ and

for those that are new here like me and don't know what it is check out

this Video



Also Please to All of Those Supporting me now it doesn't take me to

Long to Draw Alot of these but u Put a lot of work into them and for

those Doing the 5$ pledge please understand it will be on a 1st come 1st

Serve Bases when Requesting For an Art piece but they will all Get do

as soon as possible and if you give me a way to message u weather it is

face book or email or even texting it will make it easier on me to

contact you about your piece faster ^_^}