Welcome to the Patreon page for Esther Emery, the Fouch-o-matic Off Grid YouTube channel and the Esther Emery YouTube channel.

Some folks have asked how you can support us. This is how! We are grateful for all kinds of encouragement, from donations of seeds and canning jars to advice and words of encouragement, but it is also very powerful to put a few dollars right into our hands. You can pay just once and then cancel your patronage after that charge goes through. Or you can become an ongoing supporter, giving us a set amount every month. 

We promise to use your money wisely, and we promise to keep creating useful, fun, engaging -- and sometimes inspiring -- content for you!! If this became enough of an income stream, Nick would stop leaving the homestead to do town work and would be a full time homesteader and online shop teacher.

Much love and thanks,

Esther, Nick, Milo, Stella, Sadie

with Fia, Sugar, Tulip, Chrissy, Hazelnut and assorted chickens. :)