Hellooooo brand newbies!! What a great birthday treat to have so many of you sign up and be a part of this. 

Did everyone get their album yesterday?! Yay or nay? Let me know! 

For you newbies- take a peek at some old posts to get a feel for it here. It's really fun :) 

For everyone- entering my new year I am curious-what do you want to see more of? What is working for you/ what isn't? We are building this together so I would love your input! Im just gonna keep doin what I'm doin, yall lemme know.

On another note, I had a FAAAAANTASTIC birthday. Swimming with my best friends, an incredible massage, snuggles, sunshine, walks, rest, bacon, soup, cheesecake..... yeaaah!! I am a happy lady. Ready to take on 30!

More soon! <3