A couple of months ago, I got a few friends together to make a Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Today, after all of our hard work, we’re starting to release our content to you. First time Dungeon Master Hannah will be leading our group of misfits on the adventure of their life time. She dragged her little sister, Grace (Loranala), into this. Rory (Bog) is everyone’s favorite character.  Lily (Cinna) is up to shenanigans. Anna (Itzel) is playing another cleric. Me (Pyria)? I’m just trying to hold this group together.

Basements & Basilisks will be releasing a video every day starting today (11/28/16) until our first episode (12/5/16) when we will begin our normal schedule of releasing episodes every first and third Monday of every month, unless otherwise notified.

All episodes will go up on YouTube and eventually they will go up on iTunes as well. Thank you for your support everyone.


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