...to behind the scenes of a great work in progress! I'm cookin' up some cool stuff for ya!

If you are an early patron, you'll notice I'm just getting started. There is much to talk about and I intend to pace myself. My brain projects that I will make an update on the 1st of each month and then small this-is-what-I'm-doin' posts erradically. You will see my artwork in progress, complete, and random doodles. The $1+ patrons will enjoy these. And in good time I will call you to vote on a cover for the book! As January 7th is not here yet (as I write this) then the $1+ patrons can expect an ecard on that day. 

The $5+ patrons will be hearing details about the story world and can expect one of those posts soon--I'm putting them out once per month on each 15th of the month. Also remember your name will appear in the acknowledgements of the book--please send me a note if you don't want that, or would prefer to use a different name. Please be absolutely certain about your wishes, because I may get a lot of patrons and have a lot to keep up with!The $5+ patrons will expect a gift in their mailbox, a limited edition goodie with my art printed on it. I'm planning on sending these out every mid July (right in the middle of the year). This will give me time to get it all set up for ya, I'm still designing this year's edition. Please note: I'm not sure how easy Patreon will make it for me to view who's new for each tier, so I'm guessing that if you haven't signed up for the $5 tier by the end of June then you may not get one until the following year! Please note again: shipping the goodie will not come with tracking! I will have to send it by the cheapest means possible, probably with just a stamp. I will make an announcement when I ship them, but no one will get a tracking number.

The 10+ tier will get a free copy of "Sufferborn" in digital PDF format.

The $20+ tier will get an autographed copy of "Sufferborn" so please note: This book is not published yet. You will get your copy when it is officially published and I can obtain a set of them to sign and disperse. Also this gift is a one-time thing--just one and you're done. But if you stay as a patron after it is successfully published then there will be a Book 2 to look forward to and so on. This item will include a tracking number, but no insurance or anything else fancy.

The $30+ tier will get a handmade "Dorhen Doll." I'm going to put an emphasis on the word HAND MADE. This one takes time. So please enjoy the posts and updates while you wait for your doll. This item will have a tracking number but no insurance or anything else fancy. I will make an announcement when they are shipped out. Please note: This is a one-time thing--just one and your done! But I may design another doll for Book 2 which you will get as I progress into the "Book 2 campaign." So please stay on as a patron. Another Note: This tier is limited to 30 patrons, if you were too late to get this tier and really wanted a doll, do not despair. After I fill the first 30 orders I may raise the ceiling to 60+ pratrons so you will eventually have a chance! Keep an eye on it. I will communicate publicly about my progress and intentions! Also please stay tuned for a photo of the doll, I am currently redesigning him.

The person who chooses the $400 tier, I thank you very much! Your name will be placed in Book 3, as books 1 and 2 are pretty much already complete, book 3 is open season for new characters! I thank you for your patience! Note: You must maintain this tier for at least 2 months to get the character name.