Hello to my very first patreon. I have never really done this but times in my life have gone south. Due to my Countries economy going down the drain and my mental problems taking a toll on me I had to quit my job (2 year ago~) When everything started to settle down and I got out of the hospital I wanted to change my life for the better. I have been keeping my head up even though no job has come up for me (meaning when I applied I got no call back or email) It started to turn again for the worst. My family has been dealing with their own problems due to my Countries economic problems and I have been relying on them way to much and I have been wanting to help pay them back for everything that they have done for me. Now i am gonna jump into current day, I am still living in a safe place so i can actually still pick myself up,  but i can't do this for long anymore. I am still looking for a job but any money helping come in will be put to paying off things like debt, I am not asking for money but if you don't mind watching me or listen to my content or just want to help me out, then I will do my best to help you out in the way of making sure that money is going to good use and you're getting quality servies back (videos, or gifts to you guys)