Hello!!!! I am ecstatic you are here!!! Let's get to business and CREATE!! 

I'm working on my live music set for the Envision Festival right now...more videos and photos about that coming up!

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You get a say on my artistic decisions: art for album cover? Final lyrics to a new song? You'll get a say!

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Join the fun! 

I'll let you know when and where I am recording and/or filming, and invite you to participate: be an extra in a music video, or sing a backing vocal on a track! 

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An hour Skype Chat about anything. 

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You can ask me anything. 

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I hope you like surprises, because I'll be sending you a surprise gift box filled with things I picked out for you, even a potential surprise visit from myself, plus all previous rewards. ♡

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I will write a personalized song and co-write it with you in the process. 

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I will come sing you a personal concert for any occasion: your niece's birth, a funeral, a wedding, birthday, you name the date and place, and I will shower you with love! Thank you!

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