Hello! This is a short message from the creators of Caledon Comics;  Tejas, Cameron and Jacob. We are a group of students in 8th grade who  currently attend Caledon East Public School. The three of us have a huge passion  for thinking of and creating comics, and we knew that there must be  many other people in this school that have the same passion that we do.  That's why we created the Caledon Comics Club, a session in which  students from grades 1-8 can do nothing but draw their hearts out!  Managing all of this does take some time and effort, but the three of us  ensure you that we are dedicated enough to handle this, and help kids  discover their inner-creative selves. In this website, you'll find the  great things that we've been working on, and how much creativity there  is in this amazing school. If you are reading this and are a student,  please tell your parents to read this too. For parents, please support  us, and most importantly, this school on Patreon. With Patreon, you can  give us money digitally, and 100% of the money we earn from Patreon will  go towards making this school even better than what it already is.  Trust us, there is no donation too small, and with this, we can help  your children, you, and this entire school!
~Caledon Comics a.k.a Creative Club