Welcome! / いらしゃいませ
Hope you´re having a nice day! First of all your'e welcome to this site. My name is Prinss, I'm 27 years old and I'm a musician... I started in 2007 so there's 10 year's about that (time fly's) and like I always says I do this beause this make me feel good, because I like, I realy do... but now cross the time this (music) has become into a passion and also a responsability; and it's more than I can ask to god.

So the thing about me coming here is because of my partner Jack F., he has been talking about this page just like about 2 years, so he created it and he managed this page for a long time... now if god gave me the oportunity a will try to came and  work on it.

Coming here you can know more about the new proyect that I been working for some years... I talking about "the last album (Mind, Body & Soul)" also titled like "11"; I can't tell you a lot of details now but you can came here in the future bit by bit will knowing all about it.

There's a long time that I didn't practiced this lenguage (English) but I try to study again, because some times a didn't know what I talking about... and it's a little shame don't knowing what I'm saying, and I want to comunicate correctly with you...

Thak to you because the support!

Also you can visit my sites in the web and know more about me and about what I do! Thank you again!

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