Welcome, Southlanders!

Hello! I just want to start by saying that you're neat! I probably like your hair! I bet you smell nice!  

We're Dennis and Sam and we bring you 'From The Southland', a country-fried comic about ghosts and drunks and the slow torment that existence brings! A swashbuckling adventure and fantastical myth that weaves in and out of a tale of world-domination. The personal tale of antiheroes hard on their luck, and science's relationship with the paranormal.  

The Southland is huuuuuge and full of an amazing cast of creatures. From mouthy Alligators to conniving Weasels to drunk Kangaroos, we got 'em all, baby!

Our Goal is to make this World one that we can focus all of our attention on. For now it's only a weekly serial web-comic, but in the future? Who knows?!

New pages come out on our site every Monday!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

-Dennis & Sam