Welcome Aaron and Dominic!!!
Welcome to my Patreon account!! Exclusive content going out monthly!  

Thank you so much for the support!!! It truly means so much to me that you are willing to support my art! Thank you Aaron for the support not only on this account but also as one of my photographer friends! I will be sampling some of our shoot from when he was in town this past week coming soon! Also thank you to Dominic for signing up on this patreon account! I look forward to hearing your ideas on upcoming themes and as always seeing you at the upcoming con!

I apologize for the lack in posts the last two weeks... I had a wedding that I photographed on the 1st of July and have had 4 shoots LAST WEEK ALONE!!!!!!! I am slammed with editing the next month or so... oh and I have one more wedding July 19th!!! Wooof! Remember, if you are signed up for the SnapChat reward levels, you get BTS on my photoshoots plus selfies and more!

July Rewards will ship at the end of this month due to schedule!! (Typically they go out 10th-15th)  I apologize for the delay this month but thank you for understanding!!

Upcoming Events: ABQ- BMG Fan Fest August 20th

Upcoming Themes: July- Miss America