Welcome aboard matey: CALGOR! XD
Hello everyone! ^_^

I'm totally blown away by all yer support lately! Already we've welcomed 3 new patrons into the fold this year and we're not even through with January yet!

Our newest team-mate is Calgor! Who's jumped right in at the $20 mark meaning as well as a digital sketch he'll be getting a print and a card in the post from me  XD - Also, it's Calgor's birthday TODAY! Happy Birthday Calgor! XD I'll be doing another sketch for you as a birthday gift but it'll be tomorrow I'm afraid! XD

Calgor's been a friend of mine on Twitter for a little while, but we found each other through Michelle's amazing art!  XD Many thanks for joining my team here too, Calgor! 

This dashing chap is Calgor's pirate cat, who's awesome, and I look forward to drawing again sometime! when I can do more than just a sketch! XD

Have a great day hun! ^_^ 

Happy Monday y'all!