Welcome and Thank You
A poem for you. Who are we? Read on.


I am a dancer

a poet

a peeper under mushrooms

A cheerleader

a hope catcher

an earth cycle rider.

See me for the light

whooshing across the sky—

be inside the storm

and know your own wild.

I am a hiker up inner mountains

a faery -a whelp -a suckling

Choose my company wisely

for we will both be shifting

(though torrents of ordinary

try to tow us under)

We rise—

we rise awakened,

flurry and shake

the dew from our feathers

For you are a dancer

a poet

a peeper under mushrooms

a songbird trilling in 

a frosty forest.

This, I have ceased to doubt.

Come, let me take you

up the path of the mighty inkling

where the love grows

as alpine heather.

This we have created

in kind and unity of purpose.

Step up into the sun.

We are the light ones—

Our peace depends on knowing this.