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For many years one of my favorite hobbies was downloading music online, getting to store an incredible amount of music (20Gb and growing).

When I started using elementary OS I realized that it has a very good default music player but with a serious problem, it is not very good with a very large library (like mine).

Another of the good alternatives found in AppCenter is "Melody" developed by Artem Anufrij. Its biggest advantage is that it supports large music libraries and online radios (These we have to add them manually) but with a slightly messy user interface.

For this reason I decided to develop a new music player inspired by Harvey Cabaguio design. It was 3 months of development and I thank Artem Anufrij and "Melody" from which I took some of his code.

Handy features:

- Light and Dark themes.
- Add up to 100 items under "Recently Added" for songs.
- Sort individual playlists by album, title, play count or recently added.
- Advanced Media Details and Artist Info.
- Group Playlists, Albums, Artists, Songs, etc.
- Search, add and play your favorite online radio stations.

Byte is now available in App Center, enjoy it: https://appcenter.elementary.io/com.github.alainm23.byte

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