Welcome, come on in!
Welcome to the new folk poking about. This is a construction project, so please be patient. I am still figuring out how to fit this into my day, how to best serve you Patrons at different levels, and how much of my various works-in-progress to share right off.

My intention is to promote this heavily when I am at the NELA Fetish Flea next weekend, in Rhode Island. Then, when I get back, I've got a little time until my next gig, Heliosphere  - a new SF/fantasy/comic con in Tarrytown, where I am going to (among other things) interview Jacqueline Carey 

(And have a chance to hang out with David Gerrold again and maybe not be such a crazed fan this time. I can be cool. Sure.)

In the time between the two events, I think I'll feel more solid about how I will work this relationship with you all. 

I'm going to make a secret group on Facebook for Patrons who have accounts there. That way, I can use Facebook Live just for you. But I also have to investigate how best to do the more interactive live meet-ups. Google Hangouts? Skype? I need an interface where we can actually communicate as well as one for just reading or whatever else I'll be doing live. 

I also need to figure out how to handle spoilers. Not everyone will have read all the books - I guess? Maybe I should poll you about that. OK. I should learn how to do polls!

And just in case you haven't noticed, you will get charged for your patronage level at the first of the month - so all you early adapters basically get February up front. Because I'm an idiot sometimes. 

I'm also taking suggestions on changing things. Do I have too many levels? Not enough? Is there something else you want from me? Feel free to get it out now, regardless of your level. 

And thanks for checking me out, even if you don't pledge. You can always drop by later. (Grin)