Welcome! Have some free art on us, backers
Looks like it’s time for an early Autumn giveaway

As an introductory thank-you note to all of early backers, we’ll be giving away some newly-minted prints by MIBDUL artist Inez Kristina for FREE.

All you need to do is sign yourself up for ANY of our tiers by this Tuesday (October 4) 10:00 Central European Time.

Take your pick from the prints in the photo above. We’ve come up with a handy naming technique for all three pieces of art:

1) ‘Sad Dad & Baby’ (top left)

2) ‘Creepy girl’ (top right)

3) ‘Happy sketchy girl’ (bottom)

To sign up for the offer, just send an email to inezkbaldacchino [at] gmail [dot] com, specifying your print of choice and mailing address. 

The offer is open to all of our supporters from around the world.

Think of this as a placeholder gift as we sort out our teething pains. We’ll get to the rewards-proper sharpish, we promise. In the meantime, enjoy some free art, and watch this space for more updates!