Welcome June Supporters!
Welcome to June.. omfg JUNE! O_O this year is flying by and it feels like just yesterday I was fondue hungover on January 1st . 

Banked funds totals will me messaged on the 5th.  Tier funds are automatically banked on the 5th of each month unless another perk is chosen.  

  • SUNDAY DIBS POPS: Last month I did a poll asking what custom funko pops you all would like to see come up on dibs, i'll be working on those pops this month for you and the shop in order of popularity. (Dodgeball Dean Winchester, Nurse Meg Masters, FBI Castiel, Corgis, Gilmore of Critical Role, Lucifer, and GotG's Kraglin) As those get knocked off the list I'll put up another poll about mid month of additional figures to vote on for future DIBS. I'll also continue to work on other dibs pops as well as usual. I have set a scheduled goal of at least 5 dibs pops posted every Sunday. 
  • THURSDAY DIBS OTHER: Stickers, jewelry, props, etc! I've set a goal this month to post at least 10 dibs items other than pops every Thursday. I have 3 different original enamel pin designs coming, 7 sticker designs coming, a boatload of jewelry in photo stage, and a few surprises along the way. 
  • TUESDAY & FRIDAY FINISHED ART: I have a goal of at least 9 finished print ready designs this month posting on Tuesday and Fridays. I definilty have plenty to work from, it's just a matter of that "finished" part. ;) 
  • SUPPORTER COUPON CODE!: For the entire month of June, enter "PRIDE17" for 15% off your orders on the etsy shop! mistyfigs.etsy.com This is a coupon only for Patreon Supporters. 

Pretty solid goals this month! And a Schedule? Scandalous! Lets see if I can manage it! : D


I'm still working on drawing everyday to build my skill and personal clip art collection for future uses. So check out the clickys below and mark ones you think I should work on this month! 

Feel free to comment as well if you don't see something on there you would like. 

Twin Peaks


Dungeons & Dragons

Star Trek


Random Household objects

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