Welcome the Lady of Eternity + Plus Gifts for My Patrons!

I'm pleased to finally introduce you all to the Lady of Eternity, a new art piece created in collaboration with my good friend and artist, Sam Hogg. This Lady represents not only a new art piece for the Ladies of the Months, but will now symbolize the series as its official logo!  

The Lady of Eternity's design began first as a sigil combining the 12 stones as circles, but nothing ever felt quite right in those early days.  When the design eventually evolved towards a more cameo inspired shape, things started to vogue in a way that conveyed the decorative appeal I wanted, while still combining the elements of the gems and flowers.

Watch the launch video for Lady of Eternity to find out more about her creation and find out the BIG SURPRISE I have for all my Patrons, both old and new!

 Thank You Gifts for All! 

As the video reveals, everyone who is currently pledging to my Patreon (and all new Patrons) will be receiving a one-time gift related to the Lady of Eternity, the swankiest of which is the Patreon-only limited edition foil accented print of 100!  I will only be giving away these Thank You gifts until the completion of the Ladies of the Months series! 

You all have been so kind and supportive during this series and I wanted to say thank you somehow for your loyalty. You deserve it!

The gifts will be relegated as followed based on your pledge tier and are in addition to any other Rewards currently coming to you:

$1 - A Special Note + Rectangle Magnet

$5 - A Special Note + Lady of Eternity Postcard + Rectangle Magnet

$10 - A Special Note + Lady of Eternity Postcard + Rectangle Magnet

$25 and Up! - A Special Note + Lady of Eternity Postcard + Rectangle Magnet + Limited Edition 8x16 Inch Foil Accented Print

Did you miss out on the Lady of Eternity enamel pin?  I have two left in the Secret shop!  After these are gone, they will be unavailable until the next pin pledge drive.

I'll start packing up your gifts to mail after the pledges finish processing around the 4th of October, so please make sure your mailing address here on Patreon is up to date!

What do you think of the Lady of Eternity as a new symbol for the Ladies of the Months?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!  

Know anyone who'd love to have one of these special limited prints?  Please share the word about my welcome gifts and your experience here on Patreon!

Thanks so much for your support during this momentous month!

- Ang

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