The welcome mat

Hello newcomers and those who already know me. This is your official introduction, just for you. My main goal with this post is to give more detail about why I initially made this patreon and also inform you of the writer behind the words. Ahead of you is a path to knowing someone new on a better level, regardless if we already know each other or not. With this, let’s begin.

The idea arose one stressful evening. To get to the point fast and easy, I wanted to bring in a little extra income aside from my current job with something that I’ve naturally done for the longest. I came across this platform and I thought it would be a great start for me. I don’t know where my writing will take me and I’m not completely sure where I want it to go,  either way I thought this patreon was the way to go as an initial start. Not only does it offer me the opportunity to bring in a little more income, it also offers me a better ability of making new friends. I like to write and you like to read, we should get along great.

I’m all for watching YouTube videos, they just aren’t for me; writing is. I only know how to put it one way: I’m better with my writing than I sometimes am with my spoken words. I feel like I could speak all day but when I write it, I believe it comes out so much better and my point comes across far more clearer. Regardless of my questionable punctuation. When I write, I have plenty of time to think. When I speak, thinking is not my first response.  Don’t get me wrong this same thing can apply to my writing as well sometimes, the difference: I can go back and rephrase (might not happen often). Another thing, people can be very  bold and sometimes don’t want to hear your side in a conversation, with writing it’s not totally easy to dismiss. Even if you become frustrated you can sometimes find yourself reading the whole page. Maybe your point of view will change and maybe it won’t. The point is, you got a look at the whole view as opposed to the parts you may have interrupted. At this point it’s easier to respond and start a full conversation touching base on all layers. I believe the biggest impact writing can have, so many people have a voice and their words can be deep and astonishing, others not so much. But those voices can become afraid so they use anonymity to get their words out there and grow the courage they need to show their face. With those last words, I feel like I went from writing a welcome post to an essay on writing in general.

Something fun I want to share: tone of voice; for me, I can take days to write something and then have to revise it more before it goes live, particularly because I could have this super fun and joking voice and then the next day have this blank tone, so be prepared. 

Moving on..... I had quite a few reasons why I wanted to write publicly, one in particular really stands out and that’s the one I want to write about. Feeling the need to explain myself and/or my actions. Have you been there? Everyone is so diverse and unique with an ever expanding range of personalities and thought processes, so when it comes down to you, this one sole individual that doesn’t quite work like the next person, sometimes and for me in this period of time a minuscule amount of times I have found myself wanting to explain why I do the things I do, why I am the way I am and so on.. Then, I realized something. That is NOT what my life is for and that is not what I will be dedicating it to. In the end my decision to write became about me finding the answers to the questions that lurk my mind and sharing it, create deep levels of discussions, connect with others that are like-minded,  be the voice that sometimes isn’t heard, and to just be free. 

So, I welcome you to my journey. Feel free to grab some s’mores and a cup of hot chocolate, this is gonna be fun!

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