Yeeeeaaaahhhh! The Magnificent Matt Deroche just became a patron yesterday and as you've likely noticed by the eye-burning neon post above, with Matt's generous pledge, we've broken the first Milestone Goal!

LEVEL UP Biatches!!! All I can hear is the Final Fantasy Vicory Fanfare on repeat! I feel like raising my arms and doing karate chops over and over again!! Dun dun dun dun-dun d-dun d-dun d-dun dun dun dun duuuuuun!!!

LVL 1 Goal - $50 - NSFW Pin-Ups - UNLOCKED!

That means that all patrons in the Tier 3 SILVER CHEST Rewards Level and Up ($7+) will receive one nude/semi-nude NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Pin-Up Illustration in every Term Rewards Pack!! Things are about to get sexy(er) around here! ;)

Not to mention the raise in HP, MP,  boatloads of Charisma. we learned to cast "Fire 1", and can use a Short Sword now instead of a wooden one. XD

Of course, the NSFW versions are optional and will be packed separately each month. If you are in the SILVER CHEST level or higher and don't want to receive any NSFW pieces, please let me know via Private Message, and I'll happily exclude them from your Term Rewards. 

Lastly, if you didn't know, I've added a NEW REWARD for ALL PATRONS!!! 

Starting Next month - February - I'll be offering art polls for any and all of my Patrons, regarless of tier level. I ultimately want to create art and projects that not only I like, but of course that you get value and joy from too, so these polls will be a fun way to connect and see what kind of things you guys want me to keep making throughout our journey together!! 

Thanks so much Matt for pledging - so glad to have you on board my friend. I'll Private Message you later today about your commission! :)

Stay tuned for more soon. 

Much Love, 

(Other) Mat