Welcome new patrons!
We want to welcome all of our new ET  Whisperer Patreon Portal people! We've had some people not quite sure how to navigate and we want to tell you it is fairly easy if you know how to work Facebook it will be easy for you to catch on to this.


You'll have to go down and scroll through the posts.  Each post that you go into is a separate and individual subject or post. So if you click on the post you'll have to back out to get back to the list of posts.  Some of post are videos with content while others are  personal sharing, extras, events, etc.  There are several months of video content, events, and everything else. You will have to scroll or go through the month's of post in order to find it all. 

We have been in the hospital with my son for almost  14 days now so we  haven't been able to communicate with you all.  Patreon does all of its own customer support so if somethings not working, try contacting then first then us if it doesn't work. Messaging us directly is better then posting under the individual posts. 

Much love, 

Rob and Kalina