Welcome New Patrons!
Hello to all you new folks out there! Thanks so much for joining and becoming my patron.

Right now, my at production is light so I have it set as $1.00 per upload. I tend to only post one to 2 pieces a week, and of those, they tend to be works in progress of bigger, more time consuming works. At the moment, I'm trying to squeak in art production around all the business management stuff I'm doing for Baron as well as relearning lots of things I've forgotten from my days as a 3D animator. Because, dang it, I want to start producing animations again and I can't do that by simply wishing it. So it's roll up the sleeves and dive back into Maya/Vue and produce a lot of learning crap that's not worth showing to folks here, but gets me the knowledge I need to make stuff that *is* worth posting here. ^.^

In the meantime, enjoy the works in progress and sketches while I set up my next *big* project.