Welcome New Patrons!
Good to have y'all here!  I finally got around to scanning some sketches so I have goodies lined up for the next couple weeks.  Looking forward to sharing~

Other stuff you might want to know about:

The October Schedule - October is almost over, but if you were curious as to what all is going down this month, this is the place to look!

The October '16 Request Collection Post - A new thing I'm trying this month!  I take requests, then do a stream and draw as many as I can.  I'm pretty low on requests so far so if you want some free art from me this is your chance!  Especially since the stream is tonight. ^u^

For a while I'd planned for it to be a patrons-only stream, but I don't have that many and I'm not sure how many of you would make it there so instead it's patrons-only requests, open stream.  I'll be starting at 8 pm EST!