Welcome new Toasters!
I'm curious what you might carry with you that helps you create on the fly? 

Most days I hike around the world with this little case full of pencils, brushes & pens, a small notepad and a folder of ideas in progress. It's how everything starts...small, like a dot of ink.

Sometimes that takes the form of a comic, a painting, a small toast illustration for a friend or stranger...others days I've dreamed bigger (In the past I've made a small toast melody for a band, toast kites and toast skateboards...I want to keeping exploring....

I'm using Patreon to challenge myself as a creator of comics & art but I don't want to limit myself... so don't be surprised if things begin to jump off the page and into your hands. (I'm going to work on some new rewards that will come into your postal mailbox once I get this ball rolling) 

For now: I promise to share my world with you and hopefully help you along your creative journey as well.