Welcome New Patrons, and 1st 2015 Raffle Winners
First and foremost, let me welcome Kathy Zheng and Kurt Hindenburg to Team Rebex! Thank you so much for taking the important step, and becoming a part of the community. I am really glad to have you on board, and I firmly believe that every individual is an essential part of the whole, and collectively we can bring more serenity and positive energy to the world. Now, the second topic. I am happy to announce the winners of the first RebexArt raffle of the year, and the lucky members who could own a RebexArt collector quality giclee of "Blooming Into Stillness" are: - First place: Martin Zhang from B.C., Canada - Second place: Kathy Zheng from California, U.S.A. - Third place: Kurt Hindenburg from Indiana, U.S.A. Wow. The new members are also price winners, what a coincident! Even luck is working with me to welcome new patrons. =D The way the raffle works is that the first place winner, Martin in this case, will have 5 days to decide whether to take the price or not. If he replies "yes", I will send the print to him within a week, and if for whatever reason, Martin decides to pass, then the second place winner, Kathy, will get 5 days to decide whether she wants the price or not. After that, and depending on the Kathy's decision, the price may pass to the third place winner. Again, thank you for all the support, and please join me in being happy for Martin, Kathy, and Kurt for winning the raffle!