Welcome New Patreon(s)!!
I haven't formally said hi, or thank-you yet, so hello!! and thank-you for your support!!!

LMMatSK is getting pretty intense as we near the end of chapter 5, and the end of book 1! I hope you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation!

As I normally like to ask when I get new supporters, please tell me what you'd like to see in the $5 + supporter only blog, and what else you'd like to see/hear from me!

I was extra quiet this last month because my computer was on the fritz. I was able to draw, sort of, but my computer would crash in the middle of my drawing and I would loose progress, depending on how often I remembered to save. The great news is that it seems to be fixed now, and I also got into the habit of saving my work every couple minutes! (LOL)

Work is also taking up much of my time, but I'm going to continue to work hard to make the most of my free time so I can get pages rolling out more consistently!

Thank-you again!

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