Welcome New Patrons! + *IMPORTANT* Upgrades Coming to My Patreon

First off, I wanted to give a BIG HUG to all the new folks who have come on board this month!  Everyone give a big Patreon welcome to Arrow, Elisabeth, Alleyne, Ashley, Kristi, Sam, Maureen, Dizzikat, Melissa, Jorja, and Stephanie!  

A few of you are familiar faces I've known for years which really warms my heart.  Many of you have also hopped into the Discord where we can all say hi personally and that's been so much fun.  Welcome to my Patreon family, everyone!

Upcoming Improvements to My Patreon

Some awesome upgrades to the functionality of my Patreon are coming next month and I wanted to prime old and new Patrons for how this will affect your experience here!

Integration with Backerkit

The most exciting thing  coming up is that I'll be integrating this Patreon with Backerkit starting next month!  

This Patron management system worked so well when I was doing my coloring book Kickstarter that I immediately jumped on the chance when I heard they were planning to integrate with Patreon as well.  If you've supported my coloring book on Kickstarter or other projects using Backerkit, you may already know this system.  

Backerkit is basically an easy way for me as a project manager to securely organize and manage your info and Rewards so I can make sure everything reaches my Patrons safely!

What this means for you guys is that those of you who have Rewards like Art Boxes and Premium Tutorials will now be managing those Rewards via a survey that will be emailed to you from my Backerkit.  You'll be able to easily find and download your digital files and also able to let me know what you want in your Art Box for each month, for those of you who receive monthly physical Rewards.

Backerkit will also be the new home of my Secret Shop where you guys can peruse my Patreon-exclusive wares!  It's all rolling out via email after pledges finish processing next month, so stay tuned!  

Art Collector Tier Raising by $5

Shipping fees have gone up this year, which means I wasn't seeing much support from the Art Collector tier, after all was said and done!  As such, I'm raising the cost of that tier from $20 to $25 to help offset the cost of shipping.  Collectors still get their goodies and I am able to make a little bit more of a profit margin there to benefit from your support. A Win-Win for us both!  A note has already been made on the text of the tier itself about the price change so anyone coming in will be forewarned before joining at that level.


That's a lot happening, but I will be here to help during this transition and I'm confident it's going to make everyone's lives easier!

Once again, thanks to everyone new who has hopped on.  I'm excited to continue my creative journey with an ever-growing crowd of art lovers who are as passionate as I am!

Much love,

♥ Ang

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