Welcome partner to these here parts!
Haha, alright alright — I won't do the wild west shtick everytime, I promise. 

Hello and welcome to my Patreon Blog, everybody! 

I'm really excited (and a little nervous!) to be starting this thing up, especially with all you lovely people who are so kind enough to either share my work or maybe toss me a buck here or there.

So, first things first, let's talk more details on what I have planned for Patreon and for what I'll be doing with it!

I will be adding more tiers to the rewards soon enough, but I want to see how this first month goes before I start adding anything more. I wanna keep things as simple as they can be for now.

In regards to the first and only reward tier, the $1 Tip Jar tier, you will get everything I listed beforehand, but let's talk a little more about what exactly you are getting:

  • Announcements, are as they sound, I will be letting you guys know if there will be any changes to rewards or if new rewards will be coming in. I'll also be updating more frequently with comic updates and if I plan to livestream, which might still be a ways off.
  • Works-In-Progress will be posted here occasionally and whatever else I think would be fun to share with you all! I always thought it would be great for Patreon. I have a lot of secrets and behind-the-scenes stuff for both Fyrearm and my other projects!
  • Doodles and my other art will also be posted on here beyond just my Tumblr  and my Twitter , but I'll make a habit of posting it here first for your lovely eyes to see.
  • Polls are available to anyone at the $1 tier (or higher). I like feedback and I would love to know what you all think would be great for my Patreon. This is a collaborative effort afterall!

And, of course, regardless of the amount of money or contact, I will always appreciate you and your support. I really do love talking to you all and hearing others thoughts on my stuff!

And that's all for now folks, I look forward to hearing feedback from you! Thank you all again, here is to the the new adventure!

Love from your dude, Jeff