Welcome Patrons!
I've been contemplating starting a Patreon account for a year or so now.  My intention is to have it provide sufficient structure, commitment and incentive to create and release content very regularly.  Having traveled the world and worked so little in the last 6 years, getting back on a 'productive' cycle is not so easy.  Sometimes its hard to justify returning from a life of ease and leisure to a life of consistent work.  But if I'm connected to people I care about and serving them while simultaneously learning and creating what I'm most passionate about without compromise--well, getting back to work is pretty attractive.  My plan is to start this first month releasing a chapter every day or two, and then at the end of the month releasing a full book for the public.  As a patron, you'll get the chapters first, and I welcome your feedback prior to releasing them to the public!  I hope you enjoy, and thanks so much for your support!