Welcome Snob Fans!
If your initial thoughts were, "Now who's this bitch?" I assure you... I'm quite nobody.

I encourage you to take a look around. Maybe check out my Youtube and my Facebook (where most of my stuff is). But prepare to be underwhelmed.

I'm in a creative limbo at the moment while I attempt to finish out my college degree and do my government mandated work searches for unemployment. 

Times is hard in Oklahoma.

So there's not much to look at and I keep forgetting to update things, but I am attached to a project (not my own) that I'm hoping will help catapult a few things. My town is not really conducive for collaborative works which means I've got to produce things on my own. After some creative thinking and manipulation and killing-my-darlings, I've finally come up with some solutions.

Sooo... Welcome! If you donate... Wow, I cannot thank you enough. Hopefully, I can provide you with even a little bit of entertainment.

If you don't, no worries. I don't have a lot of works out and I haven't done anything recently or with any consistency so I don't blame you.

If you stick around for a little bit to wait and see what I do, here's what you can potentially expect to see.


Psychological thriller novel

Collaboration on a full-length movie (Not mine, but I'm helping)

Parody music video

Weekly Planet animations

Thanks for dropping by!



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